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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a private bath? ?

    I'm sorry.
    There is no private bath or open-air bath at this facility.
    Only the 1st floor hot spring public bath.
  • Can you see Fujisan from the room?

    The hotel is divided into rooms with Fujisan view and lake view rooms.
    The view from the room is on the Fujisan side or the lake side.
  • Is there a charge for a parking lot? What?

    Parking lot is free.
    There are 13 parking spaces in front of the hotel.
    Even if it is full, there is a free parking lot for Lake KawaguchikoContinue reading
  • Can I walk in the yukata within the facility? What?

    Yukata robes and slippers are all right inside the facility.
    You can also wear a yukata robe and slippers at the time of meal.
    There are preContinue reading
  • Can you pick me up? What?

    Customers coming by train / bus will pick up from Kawaguchiko Station at this facility.

    The transfer time will be from 15:00 to 19:00.

    ※IContinue reading
  • Is there karaoke? What?

    I'm sorry.
    We do not have karaoke room.
    There is a karaoke box at a place about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.
    Please use it there.
  • How far is it to Fuji-Q Highland? ?

    Fuji-Q Highland is a 10-minute drive from the hotel.
  • Is there a table tennis table? What?

    There are two table tennis tables.(Toll)
    The charge will be 500 yen per hour.
  • Is there a refrigerator in the room? What?

    There is a refrigerator.
    Since contents are not contained, please use freely.
  • What do I do when laying a futon? What?

    At our hotel, the futon bed becomes self-service
    We will lay it on customers.

    If you would like a futon bedding at our hotel, it is chargedContinue reading
  • What time does the public bath can be used? What?

    The hotel's public bathhouse is open from 15: 00 to 24:
    It will be from 5: 00 to 9: 30 the next morning.
    (There is no replacement of men andContinue reading
  • Can I attend meetings? What?

    Since there is a seminar hall on each floor,
    You can use.(There is a charge.)
    Advance reservation is required when you use.

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