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  2. Infectious disease prevention measures

Infectious disease prevention measures

About prevention of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

  • As part of measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, Shiki no Yado Fujisan takes the following measures in consideration of your health and public health.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Request to customers

  • Wearing a mask
    Please wear a mask in the common area of the facility.We also sell it to customers who need masks.

    Temperature measurement and confirmation of physical condition
    Please check your temperature and check your physical condition at check-in.If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may not be allowed to stay according to the instructions of the public health center.

    Use of large public baths and table tennis fields
    3 The number of people is limited to avoid crowding.Please refrain from when it is crowded and adjust the time.Please contact the front desk for details.

    Stay in a room 
    For the safety of the hotel staff and customers during cleaning, simple cleaning (towel replacement, amenities and garbage collection) will be provided for continuous stays, but normal cleaning will be performed every 2 nights for 3 nights or more.However, if you wish, we will perform daily cleaning, so please inquire by the day before.

Shiki no Yado Fujisan's Initiatives

  • 3 Avoidance of denseness
    In some cases, the hotel staff may ask you to prevent congestion in the lobby, elevator, shuttle bus, etc., so please cooperate.

    Installation of splash prevention partition
    A splash prevention partition is installed at the front counter.

    Securing social distance
    We set up an alignment mark in front of the front counter to ensure an appropriate space between customers.We will reduce the number of seats and secure an appropriate space between customers.

    Discontinuation of food and beverage service at the lounge
    For the time being, food and drinks are not served at the Lobby Lounge and Sky Lounge.Sky Lounge is currently open to all guests as a 270 degree panoramic observatory.

    Thorough cleaning
    In addition to normal guest room cleaning, we wiped it with a disinfectant.Especially when cleaning all guest rooms, we focus on disinfecting and cleaning the areas where many people touch.

    Installation of Kanfa Sui (disinfectant)
    Kanfasui is installed in each common area of the facility, such as the lobby and restaurant, and in guest rooms.Please help disinfect your fingers.

    Furniture installation at intervals
    3 Sofas and chairs are placed with a certain distance from the customer to prevent congestion.

    Infection prevention measures for hotel staff
    We carry out temperature measurement before going to work and manage the physical condition of the staff.We will wear a mask for your health and safety as well as hand washing, gargle and hand disinfection.If necessary, we will also use gloves and a face shield.
  • Kanfasui ~Comfosy~

    Kanfasui is sanitary water produced by adding an oxidizing agent for food additives to the sodium hypochlorite, a food additive drug certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that is widely used for sterilization.

    Kanfasui is installed in each common area of the facility, such as the lobby and restaurant, and in guest rooms.Please help disinfect your fingers.