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Guide to Assisting Foreign Visitors when a Disaster Strikes by voice

  • To make it possible for guests from abroad to feel secure,
    Created a demo tape that translates the “Guide to Assisting Foreign Visitors when a Disaster Strikes” published by Yamanashi Prefecture and can guide the initial response using foreign language audio.
    We installed it in the facility.
    Supported languages ​​are Japanese · English · Chinese · Thai · Indonesian.
  • ■Guide to Assisting Foreign Visitors when a Disaster Strikes■
    ① A big earthquake occurred.
    ② The volcano erupted.
    ③. Please keep away from TV, furniture, furniture as much as possible.
    ④ Please hold on to what is fixed nearby.
    ⑤ Please protect your head from falling objects with things around you.
    ⑥ Please do not jump out of the hurry.
    ⑦ Please get off immediately as soon as the elevator stops.
    ⑧. Facilities · Buildings will shake in the future, but will not collapse or collapse.
    ⑨ Please leave the door open after the shake stops.
    ⑩. Do not move around the facility or go outside the facility.
    ⑪. Do not use smoking or fire.
    ⑫ Please press the emergency bell when you find a fire.
    ⑬ Do not use elevators or escalators.
    ⑭. Please wait while the door is open as the employee will travel around the facility.
    ⑮. In case of injury or burn, please contact the employee.
    ⑯. This facility keeps everyone's safety until returning home and moving.
    ⑰. Please obey the instructions of employees.
    ⑱. Required information · Do not know · Please ask your employees about uneasiness.
    ⑲. Drinking water and food are secured.

    Institute, Fujisan International Tourism Association